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Beso Mchedlishvili © Aytan Alakbarova

It does not matter if you are married or not, the service ‘Husband For An Hour’ is for everybody. Behind this striky name, Beso Mchedlishvili, the Georgian owner of this company offers ordinary service of housework.

By Nino Gelashvili

“I chose the name to attract people. Name is the most important thing for a business. Now it’s a famous service in Tbilisi,” Mchedlishvili says. As he explains, there is no conflict between this title and so-called Georgian conservatism. Beso Mchedlishvili lived in Russia for 20 years. When he came back to Georgia he found out that mentality of society has changed : people became more tolerant. “When passers-by look at the sticker of my car, they are smiling,” he adds.

Job Description

Mchedlishvili himself repairs electricity, gas and water furniture, which costs 30 Gel (€13) per hour. “Sometimes, I do expensive jobs, but price is the same. This is the second reason why people are interested in my service,” said Mchedlishvili.

Beso Mchedlishvili © Aytan Alakbarova

On the question, what does his wife think about sharing of husband, Beso Mchedlishvili explains that it was her idea. She is from Russia and in every big city of that country exist similar services of renting someone to help for small work in houses. When he decided to establish this service one year ago in Tbilisi, his wife herself suggested to call it ‘Husband For An Hour’.

Target group

“I can’t say that only women are calling. Often, men and husbands themseleves ask me to come and repair,” Mchedlishvili says. In spite of the promotion and price, there is no big demand on service – only a couple of calls from families and offices as well. Ltd Husband For An Hour used to have three cars, but nowadays only one. Beso is working alone because there is no great demand and also, as he explains, it’s very difficult to find a handicraftsman who is able to do every kind of work.

Future plans

In the future, Beso Mchedlishvili plans to open a network of beauty salons, keeping the name ‘Husband For An Hour’. „It is already well known here.“ But he is not thinking yet to hire men to wash hair.