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On October 7th 2011, the Charles Aznavour House opened in Yerevan, from the name of the famous French “chanteur”. The Aznavour museum-house is «a present of the whole Armenian  nation to his great son».

By Armine Narinyan

As Armenian chief architect Narek Sargsyan mentioned, «it is not a house, not a museum, it is something like the entrance towards the homeland…» the house is situated in the upper part of the Cascade complex.

©pool Elysée

The opening ceremony took place during the official visit of the President of France in South Caucasus, Nicolas Sarkozy, last October. Serzh Sargsyan, Nicolas Sarkozy and Charles Aznavour himself, 88, took part to the official opening ceremony.

This short visit symbolizes the «old frendship between Armenia and France», according to Jean-Paul Martin, cultural attaché of the French embassy.

“The House of Aznavour is the thanks of the Armenian people to Charles Aznavour.
Aznavour helped to make his home country a little known and more well-known around the world, he even can be considered as a cultural ambassador of Armenia.
He always showed a strong relationship with his home country, especially through his private foundation. In 1988, he supported people from Armenia after the dramatic earthquake and Armenians never forgot it.”

©Armine Narinyan