• Ovsanna Baghumyan

Ovsanna Baghumyan © Nino Gelashvili

Armenian Ovsanna Baghumyan, 24, works as an Iranian linguist and historian. Graduated from Yerevan State University, she is now studying journalism. “After Soviet Union a lot of Persian entered the country and it’s interesting to report and write stories about them”.

Baghumyan loves art and she played at theatre of cultural centre of Yerevan State University for approximately two years.

By Nino Gelashvili.

Arshaluis Mghdesyan, 25 he is from Armenia (Yerevan). He graduated Yerevan State University at department political science. Now he studies at Caucasus Institute.

He is a journalist and blogger. He works for and news agencies.  He writes political articles, also about Karabakh conflict. He is political observer. Arshaluis likes military journalism. His dislikes – city noise.

By Aytan Alakbarova.

Nino Gelashvili © Ovsanna Baghumyan

Nino Gelashvili, 22 years old, is  a student of Journalism and Media Management MA program at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA).

Gelashvili  is freelancing  at  newspaper Georgia Today, focusing on economic issues and  interning at G-media program at IREX Georgia. Also, she is writing on her Beauty blog. In future, she wants to become a reporter for foreign media.

By Ovsanna Baghumyan.

Nana Tabatadze © Guler Mehdizade

Georgian journalist Nana Tabatadze, 23, studied at Tbilisi State University in the department of English philology. Now she gets Master degree at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA).  At the same time Nana is intern at IREX G-Media project.

She loves playing piano and travelling. She doesn’t like waiting. She would like to do journalism investigations. New York Times and broadcasting companies like CNN, BBC are Nana’s favorite mass-media organizations.

By Guler Mehdizade.

Hrant Mikaelian ©Aytan Alakbarova

Social sciences researcher Hrant Mikaelian, 25 is from Yerevan, Armenia.  He is administrator both of website and blog of Caucasus Institute. He thinks that the most difficult thing in blogging is posting every day.

Hrant plans to become political scientist and get PhD in London School of Economy. He thinks that for achieving successes he should read more, write more and be more active. As he says he will try to explain to people to not make silly things like conflicts when there is no need in it.

By Rena Allahverdiyeva.

Rena Allahverdiyeva © Aytan Alakbarova

Rena Allahverdiyeva is from Baku, 22 years old, journalist @ online newspaper. Rena’s hobbies are watching movies, listening music and reading books on journalism.

Her dream is to get Master degree in journalism in the United States. She hopes she can make documentary and investigation movies to show events from different angles.

By Hrant Mikaelian.

Mariam Jachvadze © Ayten Ferhadova

22 years old Mariam Jachvadze is from Tbilisi, Georgia. She studied social-political sciences at Tbilisi State University. As Mariam wished in her childhood now she is a journalist and works at a weekly magazine “Liberali”.

She loves journalism because it is dynamic, active; each day differs from the other. She likes to be in a hurry, to have deadlines. Mariam is interested in online media and thinks that it is “the future of journalism“.

By Elvira Abdullayeva.

Guler Mehdizade © Nana Tabatadze

Guler Mehdizade, 23, is a journalist from Baku, Azerbaijan. She works for a local news web-site and writes about social and educational problems of Azerbaijan. She graduated from Taffacur University, Baku, Faculty of Journalism.

Apart from her professional interests, she is a member of a social group called Green Bikes Group which unites local bike-riders like her. “Our group tries to popularize healthy lifestyle and we hope that bicycle will soon be more widely used than it is now” – says Guler.

By Nana Tabatadze.


Elvira Abdullayeva by Ayten Ferhadova

22 years old Elvira Abdullayeva  is an Azerbaijanian journalist, doing her MA program at Baku State University.  “I was always bad at communicating with people, so journalism helped me to be more open”.

Now working for online media (, but wants to continue her collaborating in TV or radio, basically interested in covering social issues.

By Mariam Jachvadze.

Sopo Mgaloblishvili © Armine Narinyan

“‘Do with the people the same as you want them to do with you’‘. It is a device of Sopo Mgaloblishvili, 23 years old Georgian journalist. Except journalism, she has plenty of interests from history to traveling, from dancing to working in wine company.

Sopo is studying journalism in GIPA. She works in ”Liberali” magazine. She also works in a wine company as a personal assistant of director. Sopo has a dream of having her magazine.

By Armine Narinyan.

Armine Narayan © Sopo Mgaloblishvili

Armine Narinyan, 25, lives in Armenia.  Doing her MA in Journalism, Armine has experience of working as TV reporter.

She is now collaboring with different Armenian newspapers, covering human rights issues.  “Not only intellect is enough, hard work is what helps me to reach success”, she says.

By Sopo Mgaloblishvili.

Aytan in Tbilisi (Nicolas)

Aytan Alakbarova (31 years old) – Azerbaijan (Baku). Investigative journalist, graduated from Baku State University, faculty of Journalism. Signing her articles as a Farhadova.

Working also for online newspaper and IWPR. Writing articles about ethnic minorities of Azerbaijan.

Likes – reading books, music (jazz, rock) and films. Dislikes – war, corruption, social disproportion and bureaucracy. She has a three year old son.

By Arshaluis Mghdesyan.


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