EUROCAUCASUS NEWS is a project of multimedia workshops aiming at training post-graduate students in journalism from Caucasian countries, namely Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.


To strengthen the professionalism and the role of independent media in this region; to contribute to mutual understanding and best practices’ exchanges between journalists of the Caucasia countries; to enable the creation of a regional professional network; to increase Caucasian journalists awareness of the use of new medias; to participate to the rapprochement of the European and Caucasian countries.


A free and independent media is necessary for the development of a stable democracy.

In South Caucasia, media are still under the politic pressure and self-censorship is prevalent. There are no investigative programs on television and little investigative reporting in print media.

Beyond this tense political context, media professionals suffer from a lack of training particularly in the practice of the report and the use of the new medias.


Workshops contents will be delivered by two European journalists.

English will be the language of all the workshops and the blog.

The training is based on a hands-on, experiential approach, using the latest techniques of fact-based, professional reporting for broadcast media and websites.

The participants will work in real conditions of practice, filming in the field, interviewing the real protagonists of the news, producing multimedia contents for the blog.


12 post-graduate students in journalism from three different institutes:


From September 2011 to November 2011.


1/Collective workshop: Tbilisi, Georgia, 11.09-24.09.2011

2/Specific workshops:   Erevan, Armenia, 09.10-15.10.2011

                                                 Tbilisi, Georgia, 16.10-22.10.2011

                                                 Baku, Azerbaidjan, 23-29.10.2011

 3/Practical workshop: Strasbourg, France, 06.11-12.11.2011



EuroCaucasus News is an initiative of Canal France International (CFI).

Canal France International

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