Euro 2012: Ireland Plays Against Armenia

October 11, the last Euro 2012 qualification matches were held. Ireland hosted Armenia in Dublin and passed to play-offs. Qualification held among all European countries were the final stage of championship, that will be take place in June 2012.

By Hrant Mikaelian

What do they say about the game in Europe?
Team that hammers Slovakia away 4-0 must be respected — Independent #euro2012 #irearm #ireland #armenia #armeuro2012
October 11, 2011

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Margara : The Last Border


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Margara is the last village at the border between Armenia and Turkey, the last closed border of Europe. While talks about an eventual reopening is in the air, Russians are still patrolling around the area, where poverty exploded since the collapse of Soviet Union.

By Hrant Mikaelian & Ovsanna Baghumyan

Margara village is located in Armavir province of Armenia, close to Armenian-Turkish border.

During Soviet times, Margara’s village had a connection to Turkey thanks to a bridge: local people could do trade and pass to the other side. Since 1993, date where the Turks completely closed the border because of Karabah’s conflict, there is no possible access to the bridge.

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Nabucco? No, thanks!


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From Caspian Sea to Europe and without Russia please. Nabucco pipeline project was supposed to become Russian gas alternative for Europeans. Started in 2002, the construction was due to begin in 2011. It is now postponed to 2014.

By Hrant Mikaelian

Within the project framework, a 4000-kilometer gas main should be built, starting in Turkmenistan and passing through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey to Central European countries, first of all, Germany and Austria, the biggest consumers of Russian gas.

Nabucco is supported by the United States and Europe, however, not by Russia, whereas concurrent project South Stream (trans-Black Sea gas pipeline that carries natural gas from Russia and Central Asia to Europe) is also supported by Italy. Continue reading

Aznavour, La Bohême In Yerevan


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On October 7th 2011, the Charles Aznavour House opened in Yerevan, from the name of the famous French “chanteur”. The Aznavour museum-house is «a present of the whole Armenian  nation to his great son».

By Armine Narinyan

As Armenian chief architect Narek Sargsyan mentioned, «it is not a house, not a museum, it is something like the entrance towards the homeland…» the house is situated in the upper part of the Cascade complex.

©pool Elysée

The opening ceremony took place during the official visit of the President of France in South Caucasus, Nicolas Sarkozy, last October. Serzh Sargsyan, Nicolas Sarkozy and Charles Aznavour himself, 88, took part to the official opening ceremony.
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Sarkozy In Georgia: La Vie En Rose?


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« Happy Sarkozoba » (Day of Sarkozy) – that was the greeting that could be heard today in the streets of Tbilisi, Georgia. As Nicolas Sarkozy, was in the city,  Georgians were requisitioned from all over the country, to offer a devoted audience to the French President.

By Nana Naskidashvili

Sarkozy is currently paying an official visit of three days in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. And the show must go on. According ‘The Liberali Magazine’, Tbilisi Mayor’s wrote a request letter asking Micha Saakachvili, President of Georgia, to make the 7th of October a national holiday. Saakashvili fulfilled the request and this Friday, most of Tbilisi residents were not working.

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Find A Husband For An Hour


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Beso Mchedlishvili © Aytan Alakbarova

It does not matter if you are married or not, the service ‘Husband For An Hour’ is for everybody. Behind this striky name, Beso Mchedlishvili, the Georgian owner of this company offers ordinary service of housework.

By Nino Gelashvili

“I chose the name to attract people. Name is the most important thing for a business. Now it’s a famous service in Tbilisi,” Mchedlishvili says. As he explains, there is no conflict between this title and so-called Georgian conservatism. Beso Mchedlishvili lived in Russia for 20 years. When he came back to Georgia he found out that mentality of society has changed : people became more tolerant. “When passers-by look at the sticker of my car, they are smiling,” he adds.

Job Description

Mchedlishvili himself repairs electricity, gas and water furniture, which costs 30 Gel (€13) per hour. “Sometimes, I do expensive jobs, but price is the same. This is the second reason why people are interested in my service,” said Mchedlishvili. Continue reading