• MONDAY 12.09.2011

-Official introduction: CFI and the project ‘Eurocaucasus News

-Roundtable of presentation                                                                                   -Expectation of the participants

Topic: Journalism 2.0, What Does It Change For Journalists?

Multimedia:Tips for Writing For The Web And The Importance of Visuel Language (Picasa,Flickr, Photoshop)

  • TUESDAY 13.09

Topic:What Is a Good Reportage And How To Make It?

Multimedia:Audioslide shows (Soundslide/Vuvox/Audacity)

  •  WEDNESDAY 14.09

Topic:Working Abroad As a Freelance Reporter

Multimedia:Create Your Brand On the Web/Tools for Networking

* Roundtable with foreign correspondants in Tbilisi -AFP, Reuters…


Topic:Producing features for TV



  • MONDAY 19.11

Topic: Europa

Multimedia: Enrich The Web Content/Infography and GoogleMap

* Conference of Mrs Caterina Bolognese, representant of the Council of Europe in Tbilisi.

  • TUESDAY 20.09

Topic: Europa

Multimedia: Contribute to a European Online Media- The example of

 * Conference of Mr Philip Dimitrov, head of the Delegation of the EU in Georgia.

  • WEDNESDAY 21.09

Topic: Press freedom

* Intervention of a Reporters Without Borders (RSW) correspondant.

Multimedia: Telling a Story Using Social Medias -The Example of

  • THURSDAY 22.09

 Topic: The Media In Caucasus Region

  • FRIDAY 23.09

Topic: Multimedia Storytelling

Multimedia: What Is A Webdocumentaire and The New Forms of Reportages




Objective: Production of a series of web reportages about social or political issues in Georgia, in a European perspective.

  • Day 1: Debriefing and preparation of the workshop

– Debriefing of the collective workshop in Tbilisi: viewing and assessing multimedia material produced by the participants for the blog and for, consolidation of the editorial and technical knowledge

– Research and discussion about national issues to be covered with multimedia tools and in a European perspective

– Repartition of the tasks and division in team of 2

– Writing of a multimedia script and definition of the work schedule

  • Days 2 to 5: Shooting sessions and publication on the blog

– Shooting, interviews, meetings

– Production, postproduction and online publication

– Debriefing, edition and correction

– Update of Twitter, Flickr account and of the Facebook page of the Euro Caucasus News project

  • Day 5:  Presentation and preparation of the Strasbourg workshop




Objectives : coverage of European topics and discovery of the European institutions

  • Monday 14 November- Council of Europe
-Accreditation, visit of the Council of Europe followed by a collective discussion

-Definition of the work schedule

-Preparation of the topics of the week

  • Tuesday 15 November- European Parliament

-Accreditation and visit of the European Parliament

-Attendance of a plenary session and live web coverage

-Interview of a euro-deputy about European’s neighbourhood policy

  • Wednesday 16 November- Strasbourg, a European city

-Local multimedia features -using the tools Vuvox, Storify…

  • Thursday 17 November- Newsroom

-Production, postproduction of the topics and online publication

-Debriefing, edition and correction

-Update of Twitter, Flickr account and of the Facebook page of the Euro Caucasus News project

-Conference of Philippe Trippenbach, from Citizen Side, about finding and verifying information on the Internet

  • Friday 18 November- Final session and award ceremony in presence of Eric Soulier, Director For the Mediterranean Region and Asia and Nicolas Sanson, Coordinator for Asia, CFI

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